Born and raised in the Bay Area I have always called San Francisco home.

As a child we always went on family hikes and I could often be found wandering off the path to go pick wildflowers.

Becoming La Fleuriste in 2004 was natural.

I get to explore my love for nature and building things.

I've had the opportunity to work with amazing designers in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Paris. I continue to find inspiration everywhere.

My affinity for culture and travel also keep me involved. This affection for people and places is always influencing my work.

I love what I do.



La Fleuriste is committed to being green.

Respect for the environment extends to every part of the process. We recycle vases and use vases made from recycled materials. Every effort is made to conserve natural resources and prevent pollution.

For more information visit:
+1 415 505 5601